Keyless Protector

Anti-theft device for cars with keyless system.

KeyLess Protector Product

Keyless Protector

Keyless Protector is the first relay attack protection system in the world. It’s an elegant solution, just one clip mounted on the battery of the key.

For user’s convenience the device comes in two different versions and both protect the key from relay attack, securing your vehicle. Keyless Protector continues to be the most reliable solution against relay attacks, which can be seen in our ever-growing list of dealers around the world.

Keyless Protector in the media

It's this SHOCKINGLY Easy to Steal a Car!? Bye Bye My Focus RS

Prepare to be shocked by just how easily your pride and joy can be stolen by a relay attack! Car theft numbers are rising fast, and with my Focus RS parked on the driveway...

Device prevents car theft by protecting keys

Keyless Protector, a small device that blocks the car key's signal at the driver's command, prevents modern cars from being stolen by protecting the car key. Roselle Chen reports.

KeyLess Protector Innstalation 3
KeyLess Protector Innstalation 4
KeyLess Protector Innstalation 2
KeyLess Protector Innstalation 1

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