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About Company

Enego sp z o.o. produces electronics for the automotive industry, including advanced security systems such as KeylessProtector, ComfyLock and dedicated solutions for diesel engines.

High quality and ease of installation make the company’s products very popular among customers who are looking for effective and innovative solutions for their cars.

Enego company team

Diesel engine solution

Throughout the years we have manufactured many solutions for Diesel Engines, including support devices for emission control systems and efficient programming for propane kits.

PCB Design

PCB Design - Our products require designing the printed circuit boards for a wide range of devices. In our team we redisign and assemble printed circuit boards ourselves providing a comprehensive design service with fast execution.

Embedded programming

Our team specializes in creating programs for embedded systems. We use C and C++ coding languages to offer low-level access to device's hardware. Our devices are delivered pre-programmed by our team of experts and always aim to provide the highest level of responsivness and stand out with their reliability.


Keyless Protector

Keyless Protector is a system that protects cars from theft using stolen or copied keys. It works by detecting unauthorized access and locking the engine.

It is versatile, easy to install and use, and very effective. Ideal for car owners who want to make sure their vehicle is safe.

Awards and distinctions

In 2020, ENEGO’s owners were honored with prestigious awards for their achievements. The company was awarded Innovator of the Year by Wprost, and its founders were selected by Dziennik Zachodni as Personality of the year.

These awards confirm the innovation and professionalism of the company, which specializes in designing and manufacturing electronic solutions for the automotive industry. ENEGO stands out above all for its commitment to research and development.


Enego Awards

Wprost Innovator 2020

Award to Enego for innovative solutions in the automotive industry.

Micro PCB

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Our projects

The RespiSave ventilator is the first remotely controlled ventilator system in the world.

Keyless Protector is the first relay attack protection system in the world. It’s an elegant solution, one clip mounted on the battery of the key.

ComfyLock is the first electronic shift-by-wire automatic transmission protection system on the market.

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